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ISA is the independent wheel suspension

family with patented technology  

Hydraulic, applied in steering and self-steering versions both in forward and reverse

Later developed also in the pneumatic version, with fixed wheels and with traction on each wheel


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Maximum steering

With ISA independent wheel suspension you can reach 60 ° of steering up to even 90 ° for some applications.

You can reach all destinations

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Stability and safety

ISA suspension distributes the load evenly on each wheel, ensuring maximum stability when cornering and when maneuvering, for total safety

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Less consumption

Thanks to the use of our ISA suspension, lower consumption is recorded compared to other suspension systems on the market, both in terms of tire wear and fuel consumption



ISA can be customized according to capacity, excursion, type of rotating and braking unit and tires. It is also possible to create a customized solution for type of attachment to the frame requested by the customer

Thus, it easily adapts to all markets, from transport to earth moving

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Take a look at our assortment and contact us for more information

We will be happy to help you

Our ISA suspension are small and, thanks to their simplicity, extremely versatile and are compatible with ANY TYPE OF WHEEL AND BRAKE SYSTEM



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- whole axle

    (either fixed, steering or self-steering)

- leaf spring

- dampers

- diapress

- dampers anchoring supports

- leaf spring anchoring supports

- anchoring plates and brackets with axle


ISA ensures greater safety in both directions of travel and when maneuvering


Safety is one of the main features of this suspension, which guarantees a significant increase in lateral stability when cornering, as well as, when required, maintains horizontal the loading surface even in strongly sloping passages or in rear overtuning phase


This is possible thanks to the help of a special automatic device, which reduces the risk of accidents

In this way, anomalous torsions and stresses that are transmitted on the chassis and on the bodywork, which usually cause breakages, are eliminated

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Ease of installation

ISA independent suspension is designed to be installed with extreme ease and without effort by the customer, this because we have adopted the use of simple screws to fix on the frame

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Zero maintenance

Our independent wheel suspension does not require special interventions or maintenance.  No deadlines to remember and time saved for the end user

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More payload

ISA has been stripped in the number of components to obtain the maximum reduction in the overall dimensions of the finished suspension and a lower overall weight of the piece.

In this way, the load capacity of the vehicle is considerably increased



A great improvement is achieved thanks to the wide steering angle of ISA suspension systems which, in some cases, allow vehicles that were traveling only in exceptional ranges to be part of normal range


Therefore ISA simplifies the transport procedures and reduces costs for the customer


The regulation of payload pressures on our suspension does not require any type of control device or manual and automatic regulation (e.g. valves, etc.)


The capacity of our suspension adjusts itself according to the load



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In all versions there is a mechanical device which, in the presence of anomalies on the steering system, intervenes by realigning all the wheels, so as to be able to guarantee the continuation of the route without the aid of steering and not be forced to stop due to failures or breakages

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Another of the exclusive applications of ISA independent wheel suspension allows you to hydraulically vary the track of the wheels involved while driving, thus allowing the passage between sowings, rows of vineyards or between crop rows different distances


This great ability to adapt to fixed paths and forced passages is the optimal solution in the agriculture field, thanks to the possibility of operating where traditional agricultural vehicles are not able to go due to limited space between the various crop rows

Furthermore, there is even more safety in rear overturning phase, as, by widening the wheel track, the stability of the vehicle increases. Thus the risk of overturning of the tractor itself is eliminated



Where it is not recommended or where maximum payload is not required, ISA allows you to raise the desired wheels, thus facilitating maneuvers


This solution makes it possible to lift the wheels concerned without adding any lifting device, using the lower chamber of the suspension itself


ISA facilitates the unloading action without the aid of additional systems or components (such as, for example, cylinders), using only the excursion of the suspension itself


This allows the use of different bodies using the same frame  and facilitates the loading / unloading of different equipment


Thanks to their characteristics, ISA suspension systems prevent tires sliding on the ground and, consequently, protect the road surface from wear


Thanks to this there is less tire wear than traditional methods. Tire life increases, making tire replacement less frequent


In addition to the economic benefit for the customer, the pollution caused by end-of-life tires also decreases

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On all electronically controlled versions it is possible to use a radio control device, which allows the trailer wheels to be oriented in the required direction, directly from the driver's seat, within the predetermined speed


This allows, in very small spaces and where the possibilities of movement of the vehicle are minimal, to carry out otherwise impossible maneuvers

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In addition to normal steering management, a system self-diagnosis device can be added, which immediately recognizes and stores any anomalies


In fact, by reading the control unit it is possible to identify the component where it is possible to intervene

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